Bike Sizing Charts | 10", 12", 14", 16 Inch Balance Bikes


Which bike is best for my child is a very common question we hear from customers!


First and foremost your child will love the balance bike you end up choosing!  That said and done, you want to choose the bike your child will love the best and meet all the criteria you would find important to your specific child.  

The staff at Kids Balance Bikes are available to sort out your questions and figure out which bike your child will love and thrive on!   At least one balance bike from the brands sold in our online store has been taken out of the box, inspected, put together, and put to the test with real toddlers up to school age kids in demo rides ages 16 months to 9 years old! 

Every balance bike is without pedals, chains or sprockets and the bike is propelled by your child walking, running, then in short time gliding with their feet off the ground.

The following charts will give you some basic information to help narrow down your choices.  One of the most important points to remember is your child's inseam needs to be long enough for the starting end of the bike.   The chart below lists starting seat height from the ground. 

measure inseamAfter getting an idea of some models that fit, hop on over to our Specs and Review page for more detail and pictures of each bike.

Measure your child's inseam with shoes on from floor to crotch.  It should be equal to or a half inch longer than the starting seat height for easy handling.

Overwhelmed by your choices?  In a hurry and want to narrow things down a bit?  Finding out out which balance bike is best just got easier with our new balance bike by age page:



Balance Bike Size & Materials

Model Material Wheel size Wheel type Bike weight Max child wt Seat height Price
Strider 2014
Metal 12"


air available

6.9 lbs

60 lbs

11 - 16.5"

up to 19.5" with XL post


Super Strider 16" Metal 16"


15 lbs

120 lbs

17.5 - 25"



12" Tykes Byke Metal 12" Air 10  

13" - 17.5"

16" Tykes Byke Metal 16" Air 13 lbs 110 lbs

16" - 22"

Mini Glider 12"
Metal 12" EVA
8 lbs 100 lbs

12" - 18"


Go Glider 16" Metal 16"



12 lbs
125 lbs

17.5 - 23.5"

recommend 44" or taller


Kinderbike E-series

Metal 12"  Air   7 pounds  75  11" - 19"   99.00

Kinderbike Laufrad 2014

Metal 12" Air 9 lbs 75 lbs 13" - 17" 99.99

Laufrad mini 2014

Metal 12" Air 9 lbs 75 11"  - 15.5" 99.99

Kinderbike Morph

(avail 2015)

12" Air     12" - 19.5"



XL Scoot

Metal 14" Air  12.5  none!! 16" - 20"  199.00


Metal 12" Air  12  100 14" - 20"  179.00


Metal 12" Air 11.2 75 lbs 14 - 17.5" 99.95

FirstBike Composite

Composite 12" Air  8 lbs 75 lbs vary:12" - 18" 159.00

Early Rider Lite

Wood 12" Air  7 lbs 60 lbs 11.5 - 15" 159.00

Early Rider Classic

Wood 12" - 14" Air 10.5 lbs 60 lbs 12" - 15.5" 175.00

Early Rider Evolution

Wood 14" Air 12 lbs 75 lbs 15" - 18.5" 199.00
Wishbone 3 in 1 Wood 12" Air

8.5 lbs -12lbs

100 11" - 18"



12" bikes Starting Age and Clothing size 






Mini  or










Burley Laufrad













18 mos - 2 yrs


X X X                    

 Early 2's


X  X X X X X  





2.5 yrs - 3 Yrs


X  X X X X X X  X   X X  X     X X

 3  - 4 yrs

(3T - 4T)

X X X X X X X  X X X  X X X

4 to 5 yrs

( 4T up to 5T)




  X   X   X  X







            14" and 16" Bike Starting Age and clothing size

Age      14" XL Scoot Tykes Byke 16    Go Glider Super Strider 16

4 yrs


X X    

4 - 5 yrs


X X X  

6 - 10 yrs

(size 6)

up to 8 yrs  X X  X


NEW!  We have consolidated some of the info below in our new "balance bike by Age" pages.  Since our inventory and selection has grown, you will find additional information by checking out this new feature!


Some Recommendations on which bike is best from our experience:

  •  For Metal balance bikes with the very young kids (under 2 1/2)  - we have had alot of success with the Strider Prebike now available in 2 versions the Classic or Sport.   This bike has a very low seat height of 11" - 16.5" , low handlebar starting point, and one of the lightest bikes on the market at 6.9 pounds. The Strider balance bike is great for starting as early as 17 to 18 months.   This bike is so versatile that it will grow with your child up to age 5 (with XL seat) when they will be more than ready to try out a pedal bike!  
  •   The Kinderbike Laufrad Mini and Kinderbike E-series Air has also be an excellent choice with a seat range of 11 - 16", adjustable handlebars and pneumatic air tires.  The Laufrad Mini has a handbrake  where as the E-series does not but comes in quite a bit lighter at a mere 7 pounds (and with air tires too!).
  • For kids between ages 3 1/2 - 4 it is important to measure their height and inseam and get a bike that fits in their inseam range.  Good medium to large sized 12" balance bikes are the Scoot, Mini Glider, (Morph when available), FirstBIKE , Kazam,  and Early Rider Evolution.  The chart above will help based on clothing size, and you can double check with inseam measurements if your child is inbetween sizes or tall/short for their age.   Most standard size bikes are made for the average size 3 year old - so it's a perfect age to start - you have not waited to long and most bikes will fit! 
  • FirstBIKE  is  high quality bike with a lowering kit which will accommodate for kids turning 2 up to 5 years old - a great range, and an innovative product made of composite materials of fiberglass and nylon and will stand up the test of any child's activity level!  


Common question:  16" or 12" balance bike?

The toughest question so far has been when should you choose the 16 inch balance bike over a 12 inch bike.  This is tough for kids right on the border in size.  We are finding that kids should be at least 44 inches tall to be able to manage the Go Glider 16" bike.  

Some kids are right between 43" to 44" at age 4 yrs.  A good decision at this point is to measure their inseam.  

NEW!  Tykes Bykes 16" bike which has close to a 14" frame is turning out to be a great small 16" bike for kids around 4 - 4 1/2 up to 8 years old who have close to a 17" inseam or taller. Handlebars adjust generously up/down and forward back for a great fit and kids are LOVING this bike.

NEW!  Scoot 14" XL balance bike  great for those inbetweeners!

We have found that kids should be at least 44" tall to be able to comfortably start managing the Go Glider 16" bike.

Kids 46" or taller can now ride the Super Strider 16" bike  which first arrived Feb 2013 and has been upgraded in 2014 as the Strider 16.  This bike is slightly bigger than the Tykes Byke 16 and the Go Glider Bike - so we have found best starting age for the 16" Strider is a minimum of 46" or taller. 

The Kinderbike Morph 2 which may be released in the late Fall/winter of 2014 is a bigger 12" bike with an add on pedal feature and will have a seat height of about 12 - 19.5".   This will still be geared towards the younger crowd under 5 years as most kids 5 and older would be transitioning into a 16" pedal bike.  So the Morph should be considered for kids in the 4 yr range or younger to get the most out of both the balance bike and pedal bike features.


Most Important!

Try not to look ahead too far and get a "bigger bike" thinking your will grow into it.   These bikes are for the here and now!  If the bike is too big, your child may not feel very confident or be able to manage it as well.  And you never know they may just be on a pedal bike in the next 6 months (and it will be worth every penny you spent on their "training" bike!)

You want their first impression to be positive about bike riding and for your child to hop right on and get going the day it arrives.

So to be on the safe side, it's always a sure thing if you at least measure your child's inseam - with shoes on, from floor to crotch, then move forward with your options.

There is a bike for every child's size!    Please  contact us with your child's  height, inseam, and age for our recommendation! 

older girl on Pink Mini Glider

      This 4 year old , 43" tall went with the 12" mini Glider and had success and confidence.  The new Tyke Byke 16" released in 2013 pictured below would have fit this child perfectly if it were available at the time.

Tyke Byke 6 year old


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