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Blue Kinderbike Laufrad 2016

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FREE SHIPPING on this deep blue Kinderbike Laufrad - a great choice and loved color by both boys and girls.

  • Great for kids 2 1/2 - 5 yrs with an inseam of at least 13"  (see Kinderbike Mini for shorter kids).
  • Only 9 pounds and made of lightweight 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Touts a low step through frame - great for little kids to get on and off.
  • Polished steel handlebars that adjust  up and down and forward to back
  • Linear-pull rear V-brake made for small hands!
  • Hearty Air Tires 12"  (tube) with replaceable tubes as needed
  • Free bell and front reflector!
  • Seat height 13" - 17" with free XL post to bring seat up to 20" +
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Meets the quality benchmarks for toy safety and compliance including CA prop 65 for lead; ASTM F963; HR4040 and CPSIA
We purchased 3 of these for our grandchildren. They ride them several times a day and love the Kinderbike.

No Laufrads were available until October. The owner of kidsbalancebikes was able to locate our bikes. She was extremely helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
Very easy to put together and we love the quality!!! Very pleased :)
We purchased the Laufrad for our 2 year old, who is large for his age and has good, somewhat advanced motor skills. He loves this bike! It was easy for my husband to put together. We are definitely happy with this purchase and so is our son who asks for it nearly daily. He only rides around for a few minutes (it's winter in the Pacific Northwest so we aren't spending too much time outside) but he enjoys it and feels like a big boy with his own real bike. I highly recommend this product.
We definitely feel like we got our money's worth with this bike. Our daughter just turned 3 and this bike is well made, just the right size, super lightweight, and even has a little bell which the kids love to ring.
My son just turned 3 and he LOVES his kinderbike! In just 2 days he was gliding down our driveway and bouncing over curbs. He is really proud of himself for riding his big kid bike with no training wheels.
We were a bit nervous...buying a balance bike for a boy just turning 2! He is tall, with a 13" inseam, and VERY active so we decided to try it out. He got on it when he opened it (3 days ago) and has been on it every day since. He hasn't quite mastered the turning process, but he is working at it, and is motoring out and back a long driveway several times each outing. As he gets a little taller, daddy will be able to adjust the seat upwards, and attach a bottle cage beneath the seat (he loves the "juice" bottles from daddy's bike). Couldn't be more pleased thus far, and it's easy to see how he will progress to getting a running start, lifting his feet and balancing while he coasts!
We had originally purchased a 12" bike with training wheels for our 2.5 yr old. (He's tall...inseam measuring 13".) He liked it, but it made me nervous as he couldn't reach the ground on both sides, and going around corners was tough, as he couldn't lean as you need to in order to stay upright. Plus, that bike is SERIOUSLY heavy!

We were referred to the Laufrad bike from our neighbor and researched this one.....we purchased it, and we LOVE it! Our son was a little hesitant at first as he had come to enjoy the pedaling on the other bike. However, when he was distracted, we discretely hid the other bike and simply made the balance bike the only option for him. He was quite frustrated the first 1-2 all new things, it takes a little getting used to. However, by DAY 3, he literally was gliding down the driveway and balancing all on his own! He now rides around our culdesac with complete ease and has a lot of fun weaving back and forth all on his own. The low center of gravity on this bike is fantastic...and it's low enough to the ground (easily adjustable seat) so feet can easily balance and help propel. The brake on this bike is especially fantastic. Although we taught him to use his feet first as a way to slow down, once he had that down, we now have him using the brake to slow down. This is a GREAT thing to learn, because once he's on a larger bike, using his feet to stop can be very dangerous, so we want him to learn the proper way to use the bike and brakes. NOTE: I did have to take the bike to a local bike shop to adjust the brake so it worked correctly. It was a 5 minute fix and they didn't charge me, but this is good to know. While putting the bike together is quite easy, the one exception is the brake system. Don't waste your time (I tinkered with it for 1 hr+) - if the brake doesn't work for you right away while assembling, just have the experts make the adjustment (they have all the right tools for it!) ( more note, when we received our bike, the seat was actually appeared that it was just manufactured that way - crooked. We decided to just keep it, and it hasn't been a problem, but if your seat looks a little crooked...just know you aren't alone.) :-/

All in all, we couldn't be happier....our son is riding, balancing, enjoying the bike, and we feel he is FAR more safe than he would be teetering on a bike with training wheels. I think once he's a little taller, moving up to a bike with pedals will be a breeze. Hope this helps.

Happy biking!
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