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Welcome to Kids Balance Bikes!

Our Company

Founded in 2008, we hope our experience will help you make an informed and exciting decision in buying a balance bike. At Kids Balance Bikes you will find tried and tested brands at the lowest allowed prices set by the manufacturers. We pride ourselves on fast shipping! Purchases ship out same or next day!

Kids Balance Bikes has served thousands of children nationwide including hundreds of local children through demo rides on most of the bikes we carry and we are here to find the best choice and fit for your child.

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Learn about Balance bikes, sizing, and many models available. We hope to teach you the basics about these bikes, then dive into balance bike reviews of different models and brands and point you towards which models fit which age group.

Find helpful information on different features available on the market as well sizing recommendation based on our experience with toddlers as young as 1 yr, the popular preschoolers ages 2 - 4 yrs, and school-age kids of all sizes and abilities.

As balance bikes grow in popularity, many brands and models are creeping into the marketplace creating confusion for parents in choosing the right bike for their child. Many wonder what features are important and is a more expensive bike safer or better?

The most important feature in buying your child a balance bike is that it fits. That is your starting point. The rest are features that will fall into play with your child's personality and abilities, your family budget, and features that interest you. Examples would be do you live in the city and mostly riding on sidewalks and paved paths?  Or do you live on a farm with more dirt and gravel? These factors will play into your decision on what's most practical, convenient, and comfortable for your child.

Also, purchasing your bike through an authorized dealer or store will guarantee it's quality and warranty and give you the piece of mind if questions or needs arise down the road.

Balance Bike Basics

A balance bike, also known as a running bike, is an amazing educational toy that can teach your child how to ride a bike without tears, scraped knees and insecurities. Children as young as 18 months old and up to 10 yrs can benefit and enjoy the freedom of bike riding!

The balance bike is not only a fun toy for your child to enjoy everyday, but also teaches your child many skills such as coordination, balance, steering, motor skills and stength building and not to mention confidence! READ MORE