Best Balance Bikes By Age

Boy riding a balance bike by the beach

How to Choose the Right Fit for Your Child

We developed this page to try and make it easier to choose the best balance bike for your child. There are so many balance bikes on the market these days that it can be super overwhelming when you start your seach—and even more so once you start seeing the array of choices.

On our website, we have categorized bikes into age groups so you can easily easy see which balance bike by age will fit your child instead of looking at many different models and having to tease it out yourself.  This is more like "size groups" and if your child is very tall for his or her age, you should look at both their age category and the size up from that as well.

Once you determine the best fitting bike choices, you can move on to color and other options on the bikes such as metal vs wooden,  handbrake or not, foot rest or not, air vs non air tires.

How to Get Started

child inseam for bike
  1. Measure your child's inseam. With shoes on, measure in inches from the ground to the highest point in the crotch that you can. You can usually choose a bike from this number or longer. Most people are off by at least 1/2 inch (too short) as it is hard to measure exact. So using this number or higher for a starting seat range is pretty safe.
  2. View A Few of Our Newest Balance Bikes by Age (below) and get familiar with bikes that would be a good fit for your child and what features are available in that age range. 

  3. Narrow down your choices by your allowable budget for the bike, colors your child would like, and features you are interested in (such as air tire vs rubber or EVA for lightness). This should bring you down to 1–2 choices at most.

Kids Balance Bikes only carries choices that have a good track record for safety, longevity, good support by the manufacturers, and appealling features to kids and parents. There are bikes in several price brackets to meet different family budgets. Yes, usually the higher priced bikes have higher end parts—however, it does not mean the less expensive bikes are cheap and unsafe. We have researched and carry almost all of these bikes locally and trust each company and manufacturer in our store. We would not carry something we could not stand by or would not buy for our own children or loved ones.

So go ahead and browse and have fun!

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