Strider Sport 16" Balance Bike Red

Strider  16” Sport Balance Bike
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The Strider 16 Sport balance bike is the perfect size for kids 6 - 12 yrs with an inseam around 20" - 26".   This is a great beginner balance bike to teach your child the basics skills for pedal biking, then turn into a fun trick bike for the skate park,  playground or BMX track.

This bike can also help kids with special needs have the opportunity to try out biking without the intimidation of pedals or the fear of falling. 

 Specs for Strider 16:

  • Bike weight is just under 18 pounds - significantly lighter than a pedal bike
  • 16" Pneumatic air "dirt jump" tires with aluminum Rims and steel hubs.
  • Dual front and rear frame mounted brakes - quicker stops that rear brake alone.
  • New!  Adjustable handlebars that rotate forward/back as well as up/down
  • Removeable foot rests - only to use when ready or wanted (see insert picture)
  • Quick release clamps on both handle bar and seat bar for quick no tool adjustment
  • Seat range 17.5 - 25"
  • New child weight limit up to 187 lbs
  • Child should be 46" or taller (despite inseam measurement) for good fit and reach to handlebars