About our company

2 year old boy on strider bike

The Kids Balance Bikes store was founded in 2008 after experiencing the wonders and amazing things that balance bikes can do for young kids.

Our first year we worked with hundreds of local kids to find balance bikes that fit their size, taste, and personality.   Rarely did a child shy away from these amazing bikes sized perfectly for tots.

By late 2008 we expanded our sales and expertise to families and kids around the US via this online webstore.  All of the bikes we sell are tested at our local location with real kids aging from 17 months - 9 years old.

We are familiar with the mechanics and specs of all the bikes we sell and feel we carry a selection that will meet everyone's fancy!

We are constantly on the look out for any new and exciting balance bikes to add to our collection.  In 2012  we expanded our adventure by creating a new info site which is ''everything about Balance bikes and more" and it is growing daily at balance-bike-info.com

Our focus at Kids Balance Bikes is to sell balance bikes that are easy to use for young riders and provide a great experience from day one. Not all balance bike out there can meet this goal, and it is important for parents and caregivers for kids to know what they are buying and get the right bike for each child.

Some bikes are too heavy and big for the younger kids, some may be too small for taller or older children.

We hope we can educate you through the links on our website - or contact us to get the perfect bike for your child. That's why we are here!

We love to see happy kids gliding down the road on their balance bike and making a nice, easy transition to pedal biking when they are ready.

Our goal is a happy child who is out there riding and building confidence.


Welcome to our store!



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