Balance Bike Sizing Charts

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How to Select the Perfect Size

The staff at Kids Balance Bikes are available to sort out your questions and figure out which bike your child will love and thrive on! How do we know? At least one balance bike from each brand sold in our online store has been taken out of the box, inspected, assembled, and put to the test with real toddlers and school-aged kids.

Here are our recommendations for how to choose the best size balance bike for your child.

First Step, Take Measurements

measure inseam

It is important that your child's inseam is long enough for the starting seat height of the bike. Measure your child's inseam with shoes on from floor to crotch. It should be equal to or a half inch longer than the starting seat height for easy handling.

Once you have the inseam measurement, you can use the chart below to see how it lines up with the starting seat height of different balance bikes.

See Balance Bikes Specs and Reviews for more detail and pictures of each bike.

Or begin browsing our selection of balance bikes organized by age.

Balance Bike Size & Materials

Model Material Wheel size Bike weight Max Child Wt. Seat Height
Strider Brand Bikes
Metal 12"/16" 6.9 lb./15 lb. 60 lb./120 lb. 11" – 16.5"
up to 19.5" with XL post
up to 25" for Super Strider
TykesBykes Metal 12"/16" 10 lb./13lb. 110 lb. (16" version) 13" – 22"
Glide Bikes
Metal 12"/16" 8 lb./12lb. 100 lb./125 lb. 12" – 23.5"
Kinderbike Metal 12" 7 – 9 lb. 75 lb. 11" – 19.5"
XL Scoot Metal 14" 12.5 lb. None 16" – 20"
Scoot Metal 12" 12 lb. 100 lb. 14" – 20"
Kazam Metal 12" 11.2 lb. 75 lb. 14" – 17.5"
FirstBIKE Composite 12" 8 lb. 75 lb. 12" – 18"

Early Rider

Wood 12" – 14" 7 – 12 lb. 60 – 75 lb. 11.5" – 18.5"
Wishbone 3-in-1 Wood 12" 8.5 – 12 lb. 100 lb. 11" – 18"


12" Bikes Starting Age and Clothing Size

Brand 18 mos – 2 yrs
Early 2s
2.5 – 3 Yrs
3 – 4 yrs
(3T – 4T)
4 – 5 yrs
(4T up to 5T)
Strider Brand Bikes X X X  X  X
Laufrad Mini or E Series X X X X  
Wishbone X X X X X
Early Rider   X X X X
Laufrad     X  X  X 
FirstBIKE   X (w/ lowering kit)  X  X  X 
Mini Glider     X  X  X 
Scoot     X X X
TykeBykes     X X X
Kazam     X X X
Early Rider Evo     X X X


14" and 16" Bike Starting Age & Clothing Size

Model 4 yrs
4 – 5 yrs
6 –10 yrs
(size 6)
14" XL Scoot X X Up to 8 yrs
Go Glider   X X


Our Recommendations

  • For very young kids (under 2 1/2 years), we have had a lot of success with bikes that have a very low seat height of 11" to 16.5", low handlebar starting point, and generally lightweight. The Strider balance bike is great for starting as early as 17 to 18 months. This bike is so versatile that it will grow with your child up to age 5 (with XL seat) when they will be more than ready to try out a pedal bike!
  • Kinderbikes are also excellent choices with a seat range of 11" – 16", adjustable handlebars and pneumatic air tires.
  • For kids between ages 3 1/2 – 4 years of age, it is important to measure their height and inseam and get a bike that fits in their inseam range. Good medium to large sized 12" balance bikes are the Scoot, Mini Glider, FirstBIKE, Kazam, and Early Rider Evolution.
  • FirstBIKE is high quality bike with a lowering kit which will accommodate for kids turning 2 up to 5 years old—a great range, and an innovative product made of composite materials of fiberglass and nylon and will stand up the test of any child's activity level!

Get the Right Size for Right Now

Try not to look ahead too far and get a "bigger bike" thinking your will grow into it. These bikes are for the here and now!  If the bike is too big, your child may not feel very confident or be able to manage it as well.  And you never know they may just be on a pedal bike in the next 6 months.

You want their first impression to be positive about bike riding and for your child to hop right on and get going the day it arrives.

It's always a sure thing if you at least measure your child's inseam, with shoes on from floor to crotch, then move forward with your options.

There is a bike for every child's size! Please contact us with your child's  height, inseam, and age for our recommendation!

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