FirstBIKE Composite Balance Bike Information & Review

FirstBIKE Composite Balance Bikes - Review and InfoFirstBIKE

The FirstBIKE fiberglass composite bikes are quickly gaining momentum and popularity in the US as parents are discovering the unique and excellent quality these balance bikes offer. 

FirstBIKE brand offers 18 combinations of models and colors to choose from, a lifetime warranty on an unbreakable frame and fork (see video below!) and a range to fit kids from 22 months well into 5 years old.  

Customers can choose what features are important for their child - such as no air tires (the "track")  or pneumatic tires, handbrake, or not. NOTE: as of early 2013 all FirstBIKE's except the track come with a handbrake.    A low cost lowering kit allows all models to drop down 1.5 inches to accommodate kids turning 2 or even younger on some models.

Detailed features of superb quality: 

  • Extremely lightweight!  Weighing between 7.7 and 8.7 pounds depending on model and brake option.
  • Completely recessed nuts and bolts so there are no protrusions anywhere on the bike
  • Quality reflective stickers on the bike for high visability
  • unbreakable frame made of high marine grade fiberglass composite materials that will also not scratch, splinter, or rust if left outside.
  • No slip saddle (seat) that help keep kids from sliding forward or back off the seat
  • Easy turn knob (no tools!) that allows raising and lowering the seat a snap!
  • Steering limiter to prevent over turning for young learners.
  • Lifetime warranty on Frame, Fork, and Wheels!

 The FirstBIKE comes in various fun styles and colors to match your liking.  The main difference between the models is the tire type.  ALL MODELS NOW COME WITH a handbrake - except the track. 

Cross:  These knobby "cross tires"  are great for crossing over into more dirt, off road and grass riding.  The cross comes in Silver or Red.

Firstbike Cross RedFirsrbike Cross Tire

Street:  These tires have a more conservative tread that are best for paved sidewalks and trails.  Comes in Blue, Red, Pink, and Green.

FirstBIKE Street GreenFirstBIKE Street Tire

Track:  These tires have a hard rubber (not plastic or foam) for those who don't want to fuss with air tires or do not own a tire pump.  Comes in Blue Only and has the lowest seat range (with lowering kit can go to 11.5").

FirstBIKE Track BlueFirsrBIKE track


Big Apple - Red or Green:  These tires are premium Schwalbe big tires with reflective sidewalls.  These models come standard with handbrake and have the highest seat range up to 18.5".

FirstBIKE Big AppleBig Apple Tires


Special Edition - Orange or Blue:  Same features as the big apple with vibrant color schemes:

Special Edition Blue  FirstBIKE special Edition Orange


Do you know what else this amazing bike can offer?   FirstBIKE is one of the few companies that has a ski attachment for it's balance bike.   The ski kit simply replaces the front tire, using the same axel bolt for attachment and allows a smoother glide on the snow!  How cool is that?  Keep on riding even if the ground is covered in snow!

FirstBIKE with Ski Attachment   Child on FirstBIKE with Skis


And not to leave out any details, FirstBIKE offers a nice basket for your kids to carry their things!  Available in Red or Black.

FirstBIKE basketFirstBIKE girl with basket



Check out details on each product page for exact seat range on each model.  For the younger kids turning 2 and younger, the FirstBIKE Track with lowering kit may be your best fit with the seat going as low as 11.5" off the ground.

The Cross and Street models are not far behind with a starting seat height (with lowering kit) of 12" and should fit most kids turning 2 and older.    The Big Apple and special Editions can go as low as 12.5 with the lowering kit and are best for kids turning 3 and older or taller 2 year olds with at least a 13" inseam.

The lowering kit, which is purchased separately is removeable allowing the top range of the seat to go to 18" or higher which is plenty of room to grow with your child until they are fully transitioned to a pedal bike!

Check out FirstBIKE models and pricing

If you are looking for a high quality Balance bike with many great features and options, the FirstBike won't disappoint you!


Below is a young boy under 2 yrs on Track model with lowering kit

2 year old on FirstBIKE track


Below is an older preschooler on Street model with brake kit and basket

FirstBIKE green Girl with basket


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