Build your own 2016 Classic Strider Bike

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The Strider bike company has several fun and amazing accessories to make your New 2016 Strider truly your own! Choose your favorite team colors!  Mix and match your child's favorite colors!  Add only items you want.  Cost will update once upgrades selected.

You get your standard 2016 Strider 12 Classic Bike as a base (includes black wheels with sealed bearings).

Choose from these many accessories!

  • XL seat for extended use.  Brings seat up to 20"  (combine with XL handlebar!)
  • Quick release for seat and handlebar  (this comes with the Sport model)
  • colored grips.  Choose from 7 different colors!
  • colored mini seat
  • colored wheels - sealed bearings! (currently low/out of stock)
  • pneumatic (air) tires
  • Strider adventure riding gloves
  • Knee and elbow safety gear
  • Strider brake kit
  • XL handlebars for extended use for taller kids!

Your unique Strider bike will stand out from the rest and your child will beam with the colorful combination that you choose!

My 2.5 year old daughter absolutely loves this bike! And, ordering was easy. Our custom order from came just as we requested, and it arrived right on time.
The Strider ST-4 is wonderful quality & beautiful design! Ordering from was the best decision I ever made!
The Stider st4 custom is my 3 yr olds second balance bike. He has been on one since he turned 1. The Strider is much lighter and easier for him to maneuver. He loves it and being able to customize it was a great feature. was a great site to order from. Excellent customer service there were a couple of items from the custom order that werent in stock but they were very helpful and ensured I got exactly what I ordered. Emailed and called me directly to help. Great service and a great bike.
Very nice for learning to balance, great colors too!
Very helpful, easy ordering
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