Glide Bikes Mini Glider 12"

Glidebikes Mini Glider Pink
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The Mini Glider, the original Glide Bike, is the perfect bike for children ages 2-5 years old to begin their cycling experience. Take a look through our four cool colors and know that regardless of which one you choose your bike will have all the features to prepare you for the next step! Mini Gliders come standard with a hand brake and foot pegs, and now have air tires ensuring that you’ll have all the tools you need to learn balance, braking and the rules of the road before you even start on a traditional two wheel pedal bike. If you’re ready to be a step ahead of the pack the Mini Glider is the right bike for you!

Seat range from 11.5" - 17.5".  XL seat post available for those needing alittle extra height.

  • This balance bike is great for kids with an inseam starting around 12".
  • Only 8 pounds!
  • Wider spaced handlebars make this a great choice for taller toddlers with fast growth rate!
  • Handlebars now adjust forward and back in addition to up/down.  Perfect to adjust for younger riders.
  • Foot Pegs are now easily removeable or turn in place if needed for beginners.
  • Light weight and easy to use - your child will enjoy and grow into the fun features such as the handbrake, and foot pegs


The website was incredibly helpful, as was the customer service. I wish more stores were this wonderful! Our 2 year old daughter is still figuring out the bike, but she loves it. She's tall for her age, so that the seat and handlebars adjust as much as they do will be very useful. The kickstand and footrest are her favorite parts so far. We like that it is lightweight enough that we can carry it easily when she wants to walk.
I bought this for my 4 year old, and already on day 3, he is starting to glide about 10 feet! This bike is infinitely better than training wheels! Just awesome!

Stacey was extremely helpful in making sure it arrived in time for his birthday! Excellent customer service! Thank you!!
This was the most helpful website! It really made ordering easy and I was confident we were getting our son the correct bike. Even after going into a store the sales associate did not have nearly the information as this website.
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