Glide Bikes Go Glider 16"

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Go Glider has great features for your child's comfort and good fit.

The Glide Bikes Go Glider is the best learning bike for kids ages 5 – 10 years old. With a kickstand, hand brake, and foot pegs it is outfitted with everything a cyclist in training will need to hit the ground running. Choose between the five brilliant color options and select a Go Glider that will combine the fun of gliding with the most efficient method for learning how to ride a bike to make your childhood experience one that is full of happy memories.

  • The adjustable handlebars for forward/back adjustment is great for younger kids who need handlebars alittle closer and older kids to give them alittle more room.  This is an AWESOME feature!
  • All Go Glider now come with Air tires for increased traction and comfort.
  • Good fit for kids 44" and taller  - this will include some taller 4 year olds.
  • Seat range 17.5" - 25".  We recommend child's inseam to be about 18.5" or longer for best fit.
  • Durable, alloy frame featuring mountain bike geometry
  • Foot pegs for gliding can be removed as needed for beginners or if not wants.
  • Kickstand and rear drum handbrake as standard feature. 
  • Bike is light at only 12 pounds (way lighter than a pedal bike!)
  • Recommended weight limit is 125 pounds

The Go Glider balance bike can give your child the opportunity to learn to manage a bike without the fear of falling and easily learn the basics of balance, steering and basic coordination in a safe and easy manner.   We have had hundreds of kids transition to pedal biking within months of practicing on a 16" Go Glider bike! 


Unbelievable. My son was a very nervous bike rider. He flat out refused to glide on his pedal bike. We bought the Go Glider 16" for him for his 5th birthday. He had this glider for FOUR DAYS and in that time he went from nervous on his pedal bike (with the training wheels on) to CONFIDENTLY riding his pedal bike with the TRAINING WHEELS OFF!!! I wholeheartedly credit his rapid progress to this glider bike. My son has two little sisters who will certainly benefit from this glider once they get older too! I'm so glad I didn't have to run alongside my son, holding his pedal bike up to teach him to ride as my own father had to do with me. :) Wonderful product!
LOVE this bike. Our tall seven year old was very scared of her "two-wheeler" and would refuse to even ride it without training wheels. Within two weeks of using the glider she is using her two-wheel bike and loves riding it. The glider is just the right size for her w/ the seat in the most upright position and the handlebars adjusted slightly. Very easy to assemble - I'm not technically inclined and I did it myself within 20 minutes. Although the kick stand was difficult - I saved that for my husband to do. The size is perfect - our typical-sized 4 year old fits the glider just right with the seat in the most "down position". Great buy. Highly recommend. Oh and we got ours in one day!!?? Shipping from OR to WA. Awesome and awesome customer service. I called and spoke to a lady who answered all my questions and really helped me decide on which tires to go with. Thanks much!!
My 7 year old has been apprehensive about a bike with training wheels. He is already excited about riding his Go Glider after one week. The bike was shipped very quickly and set up was easy. I would recommend this bike for an older child who needs a little something different to get going on a bike
We are super excited about the balance bike and were delighted to find one that would fit our 5 year old. I would recommend this bike. Moreover, I cannot more highly recommend this company!

I needed this bike in a hurry for a birthday present and Stacey at Kid's Balance Bikes could not have been more helpful! She called the manufacturer to check on shipping times and made sure the bike got to us on time. She even called me back to let me know that it was on its way and that I didn't need to worry. I was SO impressed. This level of customer service is hard to find these days. Stacey really took care of us. I felt like getting the bike in time for my son's birthday was as important to her as it was to me. Thank you so much, Kids Balance Bikes! If you need a balance bike, don't buy one anywhere else. This is the place!
For over 2 years our now 6 year old has been learning to ride his bike, but couldn't get past his fear of falling if he didn't have training wheels. After only 2 days on this glider he was easily able to hop on his bike and join in with the other kids. Our only regret is not getting him a glider at a younger age!
My son is tall for his age so other bikes would have been too small. He just turned four and he loves it. I highly recommend it .
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