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PINK Go Glider 16" with Air Tires

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Flat Rate Shipping! on this very fun Pink Go Glider 16 Bike that kids love!  This is perfect learning bike for big kids ages 5 - 10 years old!  fIt's easy to get your child comfortable with the aspects of biking in a very short amount of time and off those training wheels forever!

  • Adjustable handlebars like on a regular pedal bike which is great for younger kids who need their reach alittle closer.  This is an incredible feature that has expanded the age range of this balance bike!
  • Air tires which is important for the older riders and gives them the traction they need for their weight
  • Recommended height 44" and taller - around ages 5 - 10 yrs.
  • Seat range 17.5" - 25".  We suggest your child's inseam to be 18.5" for best fit.
  • Material:  alloy frame featuring mountain bike geometry which is light weight
  • Removeable foot peg- older kids love this for gliding once they get their balance!
  • Kickstand and handbrake on all Go Glider bikes 
  • Very manageable bike weight at only 12 pounds. 
  • Rider weight should be 125 pounds or less

The Pink Go Glider 16" Air is a very popular color and usually the first to sell out during the holidays and Early Spring months!   It's also the only 16" balance bike on the market that comes in Pink!   So if your child really wants a pink balance bike - this is the one to get!

Wow!!! My 7 y/o has struggled to get off the training wheels for sometime now...within 2 days of receiving this bike, she was off and going without training wheels! So, we let our 5 y/o try it...she is now within a week of trying the balance bike, off training wheels too! So, within two weeks two of my girls were expert bike riders!!! WE LOVE THIS BIKE!!!! My 3 y/o is wanting to try now...I just don't know if we are ready for that one to grow up;) Highly recommend!!!!!
I just bought this bike for my daughter, who is 8, after she had a frustrating time last summer trying to learn to ride a bike. Already in 3 days, she's getting comfortable picking her feet up for a few seconds. I love that are foot pegs that you can keep parallel to the bike while they're starting out, and then turn so they can be used once your child is ready for them. I'm certain she'll be riding this summer!

Stacey is just wonderful! Excellent customer service and communication! I highly recommend buying from her store!!
We are super excited about the balance bike and were delighted to find one that would fit our 5 year old. I would recommend this bike. Moreover, I cannot more highly recommend this company!

I needed this bike in a hurry for a birthday present and Stacey at Kid's Balance Bikes could not have been more helpful! She called the manufacturer to check on shipping times and made sure the bike got to us on time. She even called me back to let me know that it was on its way and that I didn't need to worry. I was SO impressed. This level of customer service is hard to find these days. Stacey really took care of us. I felt like getting the bike in time for my son's birthday was as important to her as it was to me. Thank you so much, Kids Balance Bikes! If you need a balance bike, don't buy one anywhere else. This is the place!
For over 2 years our now 6 year old has been learning to ride his bike, but couldn't get past his fear of falling if he didn't have training wheels. After only 2 days on this glider he was easily able to hop on his bike and join in with the other kids. Our only regret is not getting him a glider at a younger age!
My son is tall for his age so other bikes would have been too small. He just turned four and he loves it. I highly recommend it .
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