Kinderbike Balance Bike Information and Review

Kinderbike Laufrad 2012

The latest Kinderbike Laufrads

The Kinderbike, born in a small Bavarian village in Germany in 2004, was first introduced to the US Market in 2005 and since then has been one of the leading manufacturers in high end trainers both in the US and worldwide.

These lightweight bikes with 6061 aluminum alloy frames have dual plane adjustable handlebars (move up/down, forward and back) an upscale feature not known to be on other balance bikes to this date.   They also tout a linear pull V-brake - the most common brake found on mountain bikes and easy to use for kids.   Air tires with great traction give a smooth and quick ride!

The Laufrad Mini is meant for the smallest riders to get going with a low seat range starting at  11" off the ground.   This bike will fit kids starting around 18 months and from Nov. 2013 forward, the brake will be installed on the bike when it arrives, but can be removed if you wish to start out without a brake.    The standard seat goes up to 15.5".  Starting with the 2015 bikes arriving Oct. 2014, an XL seat post will be included with your purchase to raise the seat height up to 20" for extended use.

The Laufrad has a seat range of 13" - 17"  and a slightly bigger frame and great for kids turning 3 and  up to about 5 years old.  If your child has an inseam of 13" - we recommend starting on this bike over the Mini for longer use of the bike.  You can always take off the brake if you feel it is too distracting.   An XL post will be included with original purchase starting Oct. 2014 for extended use up to 22".

The New E-Series Air  is a great addition to the Kinderbike line-up!  This is one of the lightest bikes on the market with air tires!   The E-series Air bikes are a mere 7 pounds and include quick releases on both the handlebars and seat post.  Also comes with seat extended so with seat range of 11" - 20" this is a great choice for a simple bike for kids as young as 18 months! This version does not include a handbrake which is not commonly used until over 3 yrs of age.

The Morph should fit kids starting around 2 1/2 who have a a 13" inseam and up to 5 1/2 - 6 yrs old with a pedal attachment included.  This will be a 2 in 1 bike at a higher price range.


Read below about each model and specs and age ranges for each model! 


The Laufrad Mini: 

  • Slightly smaller than Laufrad to fit ages 18 months  up to  4 yrs with a seat range of 11" - 15.5 " with a free XL seat post to allow seat range up to 20"  starting with the Oct. 2014 models.
  • Available in 3 colors:  Red, Blue, Green,
  • Lightweight Alloy steel frame - just under 8 pounds
  • Seat range 11" - 15.5"  with free XL seat extender allowing up to 20" starting in Oct. 2014.  Quick releases on both seat and handlebars for easy adjustment with no tools.   S
  • Dual adjust saddle that adjusts the angle of the seat up/down to meet child's comfort.
  • Adjustable handlebars that adjust up/down and forward/back
  • Pnuematic air tires with steel spokes
  • Easy Linear Pull V-brake - 2014 models will have brake installed, but are easily removeable if desired for younger kids
  • front reflector for safety and free bell
  • Limited Lifetime warranty.  Will last generations!
  • Meets and exceeds all safey standard.

Kinderbike Laufrad Mini for Toddlers












The Laufrad: 

  •  3 colors available Oct. 2014 (referred to as the 2015 model):  Red, Blue, Green
  • Great for kids ages 2 -  5 yrs  (check inseam to choose between Laufrad or mini)
  • Lightweight Alloy Steel -  under 9 pounds
  • Seat range 13" - 20" with quick release for easy adjustment.  2015 models will come with 2 seat extenders with your original purchase.
  • Dual adjust saddle (seat) that adjusts forward/back for your child's comfort.
  • Pnuematic Air tires with steel spokes
  • Rear V-brake comes attached - easy to use for little hands!
  • Adjustable Chrome headset (handlebar) that adjusts up/down and forward/back
  • Comes with bell and forward reflector
  • Limited lifetime warranty and meets/exceeds all safety standards!


  Boy on Laufrad Balance Bike


The Renner:

This bike was discontinued early 2012.  It was thought to come back into production, however, the Morph will now be replacing the previous model called the Renner. 

The Morph: 

The Kinderbike Morph  will be able to convert to a pedal bike when your child is ready.  This fantastic design will be great for kids 3  and up.  Stay tuned at Kids Balance Bikes where these will be featured as soon as they arrive!  Click here for our info page to be notified when sales begin!  See pictures below!

Tentative Info:

  • Age range approximately turning 3 - 6 yrs.
  • 12 " Air tires with steel spokes
  • Seat range 12.5" - 19.5" (tentative)
  • Plug N Play drive train to easily add pedals
  • Should come with V-Brake installed though not shown in picture this is expected.
  • Available in Red, Blue, Green, Silver

Kinderbike Morph Hybrid balance bike












NOTE:  The info below is alittle outdated.   The most updated Morph II design has been modified and may fit kids as young as 2.5 yrs old.  Stay tuned for the most updated information on sizing. 

One thing to keep in mind!  Although this is a fantastic concept and a highly sought after balance bike - it is not for all kids! This will have a higher starting seat height and the child should have an inseam of about 15 1/2 " with shoes on. Average sized turning 3 year olds will usually not have this inseam length yet, but could still really enjoy a different balance bike that fits NOW.   Pedal bikes are easy to come by, so don't wait to get a balance bike because the Morph doesn't fit  (check out the Kinderbike Laufrad for the next size down)




It's a great bike for kids in this size range!  Check out these pictures!

Riding Kinderbike Morph

Kinderbike Morph with pedals


Kinderbike Morph riding

 Kinderbike Morph with pedals