Strider Balance Bike Review

strider balance bike

Strider Specs:

2014 Strider 12 Sport Model (previously called ST4):

  • available in 6 solid colors plus 5 other branded designs
  • XL seat/post (Padded!) included in purchase
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Only 6.4 pounds - lightest on the market
  • toddler sized seat and handlebar grips
  • quick releases on the seat AND handlebar for easy adjustment or great for sharing between kids
  • light EVA tires.  Air tires available as accessory
  • integrated foot rest on frame for easy gliding!
  • new colored wheels, grips, seats available.   Mix and match your bike to your liking!  check it out here
  • No tools assembly!
  • 2 year warranty
  • Great customer service and dedicated company

2014 Strider Classic:  Same as the Sport (ST4) except no quick releases on the seat/handlebars, standard size grips/handbars (not mini), and no handlebar padding.  All other features are the same as the Sport/prior ST4. 

The Strider PreBike is possibly  the most popular selling balance bike in the United States and making it's way around the world and can be found in  Canada, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, and Costa Rica.

The Strider bike is extremely versatile and meets the needs of kids at many ages and abilities. 

This amazing bike fits kids ages 18 months up  to 5 yrs old with a great seat and handlebar range that lets the bike grow with your child.   See our sizing chart for the best age for the strider balance bike based on your child's clothing size and inseam.

Here is a picture of the  Strider 12 Sport (previously called the ST4):

2013 Red Strider Bike ST4

Out of the several balance bike models we carry,  kids turning 3 yrs old or younger naturally gravitate towards the Strider balance bike.   It's simplicity is one of it's greatest features.  Kids are not afraid to hop on.

It is one of the lightest (if not THE lightest) toddler bikes that exists and it's very easy for the kids to independently pick the bike up, get on and start to move the bike forward on the first try. 

Many balance bikes on the market are 10 - 12 pounds  and that extra weight makes a big difference when a young toddler is trying to get their bearings independently on a bike.  

We have been shocked (and amazed!) on how a child under 2 years old can actually pick up the Strider Prebike and carry it off the ground (to the car... across the lawn...).   We have not seen this with any other balance bike.

Strider bike review

The Strider Prebike is making headlines rapidly as their bike earns it's well deserved place in the top ranks of Balance Bikes.

Bicyling Magazine gave the Strider a thumbs up in their 2010 Buyer's Guide and  the Strider balance bike has been featured in many other articles and blogs including Kickstand Magazine,  Dirt Rider Magazine,  and a New York Times Magazine Balance Bike review.



Check out this interview with Cycle America TV at the Interbike with Strider owner Ryan McFarland

 It's hard to go wrong when you choose the Strider PreBike.  It's simplicity is it's advantage for kids in a wide age range.  

The main goal is to get a child out there riding a bike, having fun, building confidence and without fear.  The strider bike will accomplish this goal and your child can start before their 2nd birthday. 

  Even if your child is older, a balance bike can be a great confidence booster and can help get over the fear that training wheels may have created.   If you have a child over 4 1/2 or on the tale end of 4T, check out our sizing chart for optimal sizing and balance bike options.


Read more about why you should buy a balance bike here!


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