Burley MyKick Balance Bike Information & Review

 Burley balance bikes

From Burley, the worldwide leader and makers of bicycle trailers, comes a high quality, simple, and easy to use balance bikes for toddlers called the Burley MyKick. This welcomed addition to the Balance Bike world has been a surprising popular ride for kids 2 1/2 - 4 yrs old in our balance bike demonstrations.  The kids just keep coming back wanting to ride the Burley!

Maybe it's the easy step through frame?  Maybe the extra cushy and shiny seat?  Maybe because it's a slim frame and really easy to handle even though it comes in at 10 pounds - the younger kids handle it with ease.

Burley Mykick balance bike

Here are some great qualities of the Burley bike:

  • Low seat range starting at 12.5" - most 2 1/2 year olds will fit and some tall younger kids.   Seat maxes out at 16" so will fit kids up to an inseam of 17" which is about an average 4 year old.
  • 10 pounds - but handles more like an 8 pound bike and younger kids who usually have difficulty with heavy bikes did not have any problems.
  • Comes 100% assembled!  Wow - just turn the handlebar, tighten with the allen wrench provided and you are read to ride!
  • Quick release on the seat for easy adjustment
  • Adjustable handlebars up/down forward/back
  • Ball bearing hubs and headset for smooth turns
  • Steel spoked wheels and honeycomb no air rubber tires - the best of both worlds - has some bounce and give, but no flats.  Alittle better grip than the EVA tires.
  • Slim design that is easy for the younger toddlers to use
  • Fun colors - modern , appealing to kids and adults.


The burley was built with the quality you would expect of a bike shop bike.  The tires have steel spokes with high quality bearings and are fast rolling,  the chrome handlebars, and shiny durable exterior make your child feel like they are on a real bike.

Here is a short video of the bike in action on a child who looks to be about 3 1/2 yrs old.


Worried that it doesn't have a brake?   There is about a 50/50 debate on whether handbrakes are necessary on a balance bike for kids 4 and under.   Especially kids turning 3 or younger, they simply will use their feet over a brake and that would be the safest avenue to use anyway. 

We had a  2 1/2 year old come to a demonstration and the father really liked a bike with a handbrake, but the little girl insisted on the Burley.  She briefly tried several other models, but immediately went back to the Burley.  We tried everything we could to convince her the brake was so handy, but she favored the Burley and rode it the best out of the ones she tried.  It was a perfect fit FOR HER.   The father then realized - it's better to get the one she loves and will ride than worrying about having a brake for down the road.   Remember, the main concept of a balance bike is to learn balance, coordination building, and just getting around in a fast and fun manner!  (and to avoid training wheels one day!)

The Burley is a very well built Balance Bike that has been loved by almost all our testers and is worth every penny you spend. 

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