I bought my son a mini glider bike with XL seat as recommended by Stacey for my 4.5 year old son a year ago. It was perfect and my son absolutely loves his bike. Delivery was quick and the bike was in perfect condition. I have just placed an order for a 16" Go Glider now that my son is too tall for the mini glider and plan to pass the mini glider to his 2.5 year old brother who has been trying to steal rides on it for months. Thanks Stacey for great customer service and introducing us to these great bikes. We look forward to our new Go Glider.
We bought the go glider because our 5 yr old grandson refused to ride his other bike without the training wheels. The Glider gave him instant confidence and soon was riding down small "hills" balanced perfectly without falling. He loves his new "glider" bike, and we couldn't be more pleased. Worth every penny! 5 stars!!!
Blue Go Glider: This bike was a great confidence booster for my cautious and hesitant seven year old son. Once it arrived, he jumped right on it and away he went... pedelling with one foot and then gliding in just a few minutes. Amazing! Plus he loves the look of it, which is very high quality, as well as the hand brake and foot rest. We couldn't be happier and are grateful to have found a 'cool bike' that he is comfortable on this summer. Thank you!
product: Green Go Glider

This bike was a miracle for my 9 year old daughter! We had been working with her for over a year to learn to ride her bike, with no success. In less than 2 weeks, she learned to balance and is now riding her pedal bike. The assembly was pretty easy, but my husband had trouble getting the brake adjusted so it would work. The instructions weren't that helpful but after working with it probably for an hour, he finally got it. Very quick shipping!
Thanks! Got the red strider bike right on time! We took it out on its maiden voyage last night and it was great! My husband was impressed with the quality of the bike. Thanks so much!

Item: Orange Go Glider

My son has Down Syndrome and got this balance bike for his 7th birthday, he so much wanted to ride a bike like his buddies but steering,balancing and pedallng simultaneously
Was just too much for him.So last birthday he got a great Kettler pedalcar,but we had to find out that he did not have nough strength and stamina to pedal that for longer.
After a lot of research on the net, I came up with this balance bike for bigger kids. He is 70pounds and about 50" tall, so most all of the balance bikes on the market were too small for him..
The Go Glider is perfect size, it will grow with him for quite a time and guess what...
It took him about 1 minute to ride it balanced and steering it around corners. Yeah for the Glider!
I am so impressed with the lightweight and the sturdy quality.I think I might just get a big one or myself!!!!
Would I recommend it.? I can only say, anytime.If my son can ride it and have fun with it so will any child.
And what is the best part about it, it looks cool and stylish and orange is his favorite color and all of his friends want to ride it.
You guys made my son soooooo more able and happy.
Thank you!.
Hi Stacey,

I just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying our new bikes very much. The kids have been having so much fun on them. I have no regrets purchasing the Strider for both of them.
The EVA tires which I was hesitant about originally have actually been very good. The kids spend more time off road and I never have to worry about flats. Thanks again for guiding me on which balance bikes would be best.


Just an update - we bought this glide bike in July and my little Phoebe loves it! The angle is better for her, and it is her "own" bike. She is having great fun gliding with those foot pegs and feels like such a big girl. She is way more confident now - thank you so much!
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you SO MUCH for the excellent customer service! I've passed the link on to friends as well. The bikes got her in perfect condition and very timely. It took our awkward 6 year old exactly one week to learn to ride a regular bike without training wheels after being on the Glide bike. This is pretty miraculous... although he is very gifted in academics, balance and coordination, as well as physical confidence, are not his strong points. Our four year old is also enjoying his bike immensely and will be transitioning in no time. Your chart in sizing was so beneficial for us having larger than average kids as well. Thank you again and I wish you very well with your business!

Best Wishes,

I want to thank you for your awesome customer service with the order I placed in December. We ordered a Laufrad Mini from your site for my son for Christmas. For some reason I accidentally put Texas as our state despite the fact that we moved to Alaska several years ago. Instead of just slapping a shipping label on the box and letting me deal with the consequences of my mistake someone took the time to call me and resolve the issue. Had that person not done so my son's main Christmas gift would not have arrived in time. I also want to thank you for your awesome deal on shipping. Living in Alaska we are used to paying outrageous shipping fees for everything IF the retailer is even willing to ship to Alaska so you can imagine my surprise at paying nothing for shipping. I have been recommending your site to all my friends. Thanks again for such a pleasant online shopping experience.

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