Red Scoot

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FREE SHIPPING on this Red Scoot by Ridgeback.  This is one of the largest 12" balance bikes on the market and make with excellence by a highly regarded bike company in the UK. 


  • The seat range is  14" - 20"  a great fit for most kids 3+ to 6 yrs old.
  • Rear V-Brake with adjustable handbrake lever  meant for small hands
  • Air tires tires on aluminum wheels
  • Easy and quick adjustment of the seat with a quick release clamp - no tools needed.
  • You will get 2 seat posts included for extended use! Change out as your child gets taller!
  • Upholstered saddle seat
  • The brake cable lines are routed through the frame so they stay out of the way.
  • Long wheel base for great stability

The Red Scoot by Ridgeback is really a gem and worth the money you spend.  Your child will have plenty of room to stretch out their arms and focus on the skills of balance and steering and be quickly on their way to riding a pedal bike!  The Scoot will also be loved for quite some time after your child begins to pedal bike because it's just alot of fun to zip around with ease.