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BLUE Go Glider 16" with Air Tires

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Newest Go Glider is a great learning bike for kids ages 5 - 9 years old and kids with disabilities who need a lighter bike to get started with the basics of biking.   Your child can be riding in a matter of weeks and off those training wheels for good. 

Blue Go Glider bike specs:

  • Adjustable handlebars are new this year and adjust  forward/back  for younger kids who need handlebars alittle closer.   This is a very helpful feature which is standard on pedal bikes!
  • All the Go Gliders now have Air tires which is perfect for the older rider and like a real pedal bike.
  • A good starting height is  44" or taller - this will include some 4 yr olds high on the growth chart.
  • Seat range 17.5" - 25".  We recommend  a child's inseam of 18.5" for a good reach to the handlebars.  
  • Light weight alloy frame featuring mountain bike geometry
  • Small foot peg that rotate out of the way (or OFF) for gliding once balance is established.  Kids love this!
  •  Kick stand is removeable if desired and rear drum handbrake is a standard feature. 
  • Light bike at  only 12 pounds - the lightest 16" balance bike on the market. 
  • Childs weight is recommended to be 125 pounds or less

The Blue Go Glider bike is a great transitional bike for kids stuck on training wheels or who have not ventured out into biking and maybe have fears or worries about falling on a traditional bike.  This 16" balance bike is easy to use and your child will have full control over the bike while they learn the basics of balance, steering, and coordination.  Most kids are able to transition to pedal biking within months of using a Go Glider bike.

We bought our son (5 yrs) a cheap, heavy bike a few years ago because we were so anxious to get him riding. We got his younger sister (2ish) a balance bike for christmas last year. Our son has never gotten the hang of the bike and was always asking for a glider bike.

We got him the Go Glider and holy cow he's riding around the block...gliding almost half the length of the street. It's so awesome to see the look on his face when he's riding it...he loves it!

One of the best purchases we've made as parents. Thanks!
My son (9), has classic autism and balance issues. After 5 years of struggling to ride a bike, his OT suggested we buy a 3-wheel bike and leave it at that. The local bike shop we visited asked if we had tried a balance bike and suggested we purchase one before diverting to a 3-wheeler. They did not sell one large enough for my son and suggested ordering a 'Go Glider' w/air tires from Kids Balance Bikes. The owner, Stacy, was extremely kind and helpful. Our 'bike' arrived very quickly. The first time my son got on it was painful to watch. His lack of coordination and balance was very apparent. However, after about 10 minutes he seemed to get the hang of moving forward. The absence of pedals really helped this process along. After another 10 minutes, I put him on the driveway and had him glide down. It took a few tries, but within 25 minutes of getting on it he was balancing and rolling down the driveway. On day 2, he began turning as he came to the end of the driveway and continuing on until he ran out of momentum. His confidence was soaring and he wasn't afraid to fall, as his feet could easily touch the ground. About 45 minutes later he had accomplished what we had spent years trying to. He could roll down the driveway, balance and make full 180 turns! I then took the leap and put him on his 20" bike. He got on it, rolled down the driveway and as he neared the bottom I yelled pedal...and pedal he did. He rode his bike Forest Gump style! He just kept going and going and going (maybe because he was unsure how to stop, but none-the-less, he was riding a bike). I cried tears of joy! He was so proud of himself. He watches the videos I took of the experience over and over. Two days and he was riding a bike! I couldn't be more thrilled, and the cost of the bike is so small in comparison to the return. Thank you Kids Balance Bikes! I will forever recommend this product.
We are super excited about the balance bike and were delighted to find one that would fit our 5 year old. I would recommend this bike. Moreover, I cannot more highly recommend this company!

I needed this bike in a hurry for a birthday present and Stacey at Kid's Balance Bikes could not have been more helpful! She called the manufacturer to check on shipping times and made sure the bike got to us on time. She even called me back to let me know that it was on its way and that I didn't need to worry. I was SO impressed. This level of customer service is hard to find these days. Stacey really took care of us. I felt like getting the bike in time for my son's birthday was as important to her as it was to me. Thank you so much, Kids Balance Bikes! If you need a balance bike, don't buy one anywhere else. This is the place!
For over 2 years our now 6 year old has been learning to ride his bike, but couldn't get past his fear of falling if he didn't have training wheels. After only 2 days on this glider he was easily able to hop on his bike and join in with the other kids. Our only regret is not getting him a glider at a younger age!
My son is tall for his age so other bikes would have been too small. He just turned four and he loves it. I highly recommend it .
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