Balance Bike Pictures and Videos


Come check out some balance bikes in action!  There are more pictures on each bike review page, but this will give you some ideas all in one place!


Check out the new 16" Super Strider in action!





Strider Balance Bikes




New Strider Ski attachements!

Strider Ski attachment         Strider Ski attachment

Strider bike with ski's


These pictures below really show you the wide age range for the Strider bike!


Boy age 2 on Strider Prebike   Boy going downhill on Strider Prebike

 Very little Strider rider!   Strider prebike on dirt trails   older strider rider boy


 Glide Bikes - Mini Glider and 16 inch Go Glider



    older girl on mini glider bike   boy on Blue Go Glider

boy on mini glider bike   little boy on mini glider bike


Kazam Balance Bike


Pink Kazam girl  boys on kazam balance bike

twins on Kazam  kazam balance bike girl





       2 year old on 2011 Laufrad Mini

Laufrad Mini 2 year old girl   kinderbike morph riding