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Mini Glider Balance Bike

12" Mini Glider Bike:

  • Age range:  2 1/2  to 5 yrs. (taller 2 yr olds)
  • Seat range for 2014 models:   11.5" - 17.5"   We recommend inseam of 12.5" to start on this bike (with shoes on).   Previous models can use XL seat available to reach same seat height. 
  • Light Alloy frame weighing only  8 pounds
  • Child weight up to 100 pounds!
  • Medium/higher handlebar starting height adjusts upward 2"
    This gives taller toddlers extra room.
  • Strong EVA tires - no worries of punctures!
  • Now with removeable or turnable pegs for resting feet on while coasting.  Easy to remove for beginners!
  • Handbrake on every bike!  Kickstand in box to add if desired.
  • quick release clamp on seat for easy adjustment!
  • Comes in 5 colors:  red, blue, pink, orange, and green!

16" Go Glider Bike - now standard with air tires!

  •  2014 - Air tires!  More comfortable ride for older kids!
  • light Alloy frame weighing about 13 pounds
  • Age range: 5 years - 9 or 10 yrs.  (depending on height/inseam)
  • Handbrake and removeable foot pegs for gliding (they also rotate out of the way!)
  • Seat range 17.5" - 25".   We recommend inseam of 18.5" for starting on this bike.
  • Easy quick release clamp for easy adjustment of seat height
  • Comes in 5 colors:  Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, and Green

Girls on Go Glider Bike

Super Glider

  • New!  For ages 10+  to adult!
  • We recommend starting height of 5'3".  Holds up to 250lb.
  • Seat range 24" - 35" off the ground
  • 20" Pneumatic Air tires
  • Light Alloy Frame - easy to transport and lift
  • Pedals, cranks, chain can be attached immediately and "folded out of the way" , or kept off completely.
  • Can be used as a regular pedal bike once balance is mastered!

Folded Super Glider balance bike        Man riding Super Glider

General Information on 12 mini 16 Go Glider Bikes

The Glide bikes are perfect for kids ranging in ages 2 1/2  to adults! 

What  makes the Mini Glider Balance bike stand out from other standard 12"  balance bikes is that the handle bar grips sit alittle higher and wider  much like a real bike handle bar - even with a handbrake!   

It also accommodates a rider's weight up to 100 pounds which tops out all the other 12 inch balance bikes!    

The seat height starts out at 12 inches from the ground and rises up to 17.5 inches as your child grows.   This is a fantastic and ideal seat range to reach kids from 2 1/2 to 5 yrs old.   

We recommend a 12.5" inseam so your child can comfortably reach the higher handlebar range as seen in the picture below.

Mini glider bike no pegs

The current models now have foot pegs that rotate out of the way (or can be removed)  for younger riders or beginners.  This alleviates any concerns you may have about them possibly getting in the way. 

The mini glider comes with the pegs in the neutral position and we tell kids this is the "starting position" and when they begin to gain control of the bike, they can try it with the pegs turned out in the gliding position.   

Once attached, the pegs easily rotate from neutral to active position without tools.


The 16" Go Glider is one of only 3 larger balance bikes on the market that will accommodate older children who still need the security, training, and fun that a balance bike offers.  It is also a great option for youth with different learning or physical disabilities who want the chance to enjoy  bike riding in an easy and progressive way.

Many 6 and 7 year olds are still not riding pedal bikes, and by this age their fear of riding has usually heightened. 

It is also harder  to learn to ride a bike on a 16 inch pedal bike because the bikes are bulkier and heavier which makes it even harder to manage.   That is why the 16 " Go glider is ideal for this age range.  Weighing in at only 13 pounds (about 1/3 the weight of a pedal bike) it is easy to learn the basics of balance, coordination, and steering,  without pedals, chains or sprockets to get in the way.  

The bike also looks  much like a pedal bike with foot pegs for gliding once balance is established and a hand brake and kickstand which adds to the appeal.    

Below is a 6 1/2 yr old who is about 48 inches tall with an inseam of about 18.5 inches.  Because his inseam is alittle short, he sits a little lower down and further from the handlebars.  Most 6  year olds will have about a 19" inseam or taller, and will have an easier reach to the handlebar. 

NOTE:  Since 2013,  the Go Glider's with Air tires have adjustable handlebars that rotate forward for younger/shorter kids.  This has alleviated the issue with the reach to handlebars for kids that fall inbetween sizes.

  6 year old on Go Glider Balance Bike

This same child,  pictured below at 9 1/2 yrs and 53" tall still enjoys taking a spin on the Go Glider!

9 year old on Go Glider bike  Go Glider pegs 9 yr old


How do I choose between 12" and a 16" Go Glider Bike?

This is a very popular question!  One of the most important things to remember is to pick the bike that will fit your child NOW.  

We can't stress this enough. 

If you are going to give the child the bike now, you want them to get right on it, and feel excited and ready to start learning and having fun.  

If it is too big or small, it may be more of a struggle and disappointed for both of you.   You never know when your child will be ready for a pedal bike, so "growing into" their balance bike may never be a big issue!  You may want more to think about how it will be passed down or around the family!

Something to keep in mind is that balance bike sizing is not the same as pedal bike sizing.   Balance bikes are suppose to be smaller on your child.   So even though your child may fit on a 16" pedal bike with training wheels, they still may need a 12" balance bike.   Kids comfortably in a 5T and  bigger should go with the 16" Go Glider Air bike. 

Another good way to double check is that kids should be around 44"  tall to start on the Go Glider  with at least an 19" inseam (with shoes on).

For an example:  Here is a 5 1/2 year old boy who is SMALL for his age and only 42" tall and still comfortably wearing a 4T.   You can see how the 16" size is a handful for him.  He can more easily manage and learn the skills he needs on the 12" bike.  So don't always just go by AGE.  If your child is tall or short for their age, double check their height and inseam to make sure it matches the bike you are looking at. 

Update and Important note:  The Go Glider Air bike now has adjustable handlebars that rotate in, and this has made it possible for kids who fall inbetween sizes to fit more comfortably on the 16" bike.

too small for Go Glider

It is not hard to find the right size!  We have done hundrends of demo rides and will give you our best opinion on what will fit.   Just contact us  if your child is right on the edge or you aren't sure!

Check out this video to get a peek at these bikes in action including the new adult Super Glider!


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What a confidence boost this bike has been for my six year old! Due to living on hills and gravel roads we got started kind of late teaching her how to ride a bike. She's also quite timid and didn't want to attempt riding her old bike without the training wheels. The day this bike arrived, she hopped right on and learned to balance herself within twenty minutes. Then she spent the whole weekend begging to go outside to ride her new bike. I wish I had started her out with a balance bike instead of a bike with training wheels. This was a great purchase!
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