Stampede Balance Bikes Information and Review

Tykes Bykes large Balance Bikes

 We are happy to offer the Stampede Balance bikes that are packed with features and high quality parts that parents are seeking at an affordable price.   We expect this balance bike to make it to the top of their field FAST with the excellent feedback and reviews we have been receiving from parents and kids.

Stampede offers 2 sizes - a 12" bike and a 16" bike that has a small and comfortable enough frame for kids ages 4 and up (to about 9 yrs).


  • 12" bike: 10 pounds:  seat range 13" - 17.5 - perfect for kids 2 1/2 up to 5 yrs old
  • 16" bike: 13 pounds: seat range 16" - 22" - perfect for kids with a 17" inseam and higher - starting around 4 yrs with a height of around 43" tall.
  • Very easy to use rear drum handbrake
  • Fast moving air tires with steel spokes
  • Generously adjustable handlebars - both up and down several inches and forward/back
  • large comfortably padded seat with quick release for easy adjustment up/down
  • Brake cable routed through bike frame and out of the way
  • New colors coming in the late Fall 2014.  Currently 16" available in Green and Black with green accents and 12" in several fun colors including purple, black, orange and green! 


We are extremely excited about the fit of the 16"  model for kids with a 17" inseam - those kids that kind of fall through the cracks in the balance bike world.  Most kids are needing at least a 19" inseam for a 16" balance bike, but outgrow the 12" balance bike somewhere between 17" and 19".

Here is a picture of a girl just turned 4 with a 17" inseam trying out the 16" Stampede for the first time. 

16 inch glider bike Tykes Bykes


Here is a 7-year-old boy who is almost 48" tall with a 21" inseam:

7 year old on balance bike


And finally below is a child who is inbetween the kids above.  Approximately 6 years old and 45" tall with about an 18 or 19" inseam:  He is riding with his 2 year old sister who is trying out the Strider Prebike.   The family came for the 2 year old, but the 6 year old loved the Stampede so much (and he wasn't pedal biking yet) that the parents ended up buying it for him.

16 inch glider bike Tykes Bykes