Kazam Balance Bike Information and Review

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Kazam Balance Bike specs:

  • Comes in 5 fun colors:  Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green
  • New for 2013 -  2 colors come with a handbrake and new padded seat!
  • Seat range:  14" - 17.5"
  • bike weight is 11.2 pounds
  • recommended age is 3 - 6 yrs (due to starting seat height and bike weight)
  • quality bike shop parts with metal head set with top and bottom bearings
  • pneumatic air tires with steel spokes
  • handlebars adjusts up/down and alittle forward/back
  • quick release on seat for easy adjustment
  • Patented foot platform for kids to rest their feet on while gliding

The Kazam bike was designed by John Lugo and Michael Warner and has quickly established a presence worldwide, now available in 14 countries and across the U.S. online and in bike and toy shops.

The classy look and quality bike shop parts with pneumatic air tires catch most people's attention right away. 

The easy step through frame is appealing and makes it easy for kids to get on and off.

The heavier bike weight and higher starting seat range categorize this balance bike into a medium range 12" bike and is good for kids turning age 3 or older who have an inseam of at least 14 with shoes on and can fit kids up to 44" - 45" - around age 6.

Kazam has been featured on NBC  and the popular show "Shark Tank",  and is the winner of several toy awards including Dr. Toy's 10 best active products,  Oppenheim best toy award, and creative magazine Top Toy of the year award.

Here is a great layout photo of the Kazam bike:

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Do you own a Kazam, or know a child who rides one?  Tried one at a neighbor's house?  Let other parents know what you think below in our comments section!

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