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The Glide Bike is a pedal free bike that helps kids learn the skills needed to transition to pedal biking. It's not only fun, it's educational! The Glide Bike is now made in 3 sizes to perfectly fit toddlers 18 months to children up to 9 years of age! The Ezee Glider helps keep kids close to the ground for additional confidence.  The Mini Glider has the same 12" wheels but raises the handle bars to keep kids sitting more upright.  The Go Glider with 16" wheels has proven to be invaluable for school age kids needing that extra help to overcome fear of falling or a bad biking experience, as well as kids with various disabilities who haven't had the opportunity to start on a safe and lightweight bike.

Confused about which size bikes? See the Glide Balance Bikes Review page for more detailed information and pictures!  It's better not to get a bike too big! Kids love these balance bikes when they can manage them easily.

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The Glidebikes Mini Glider will entice your toddler to jump on at first site!  Packed with perfect features such as a rear drum handbrake, removeable foot pegs for gliding, kickstand for a fun display, and adjustable handlebars forward/back up/down, make this a choice brand balance bike for your toddler!  Also features a quick release on the the seat post for quick and easy adjustment with no tools needed!

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The Glide Bikes Go Glider bike 16" now with Air Tires is the perfect balance bike for your school age child wanting to learn to ride bike!  The 16" Go Glider Air has an easy to use handbrake, small foot pegs for gliding - which can be removed if desired, easy to adjust handlebars to fit a wide range of kids 4 1/2 - 9 years old, and quick release on the seat post for easy adjustment as needed when out and about.  The Go Glider 16 bike has helped thousands of kids learn to ride a bike and is the perfect learning tool that is fun to use at the same time.