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16" Balance Bikes for kids 5 - 10 yrs

Do you have a school age child who is not riding a pedal bike yet?  Maybe is intimidated, afraid or embarrassed to start learning but most of their friends are already riding? 

A 16" balance bike can offer the training needed to learn in a very quick and easy way to gain the confidence in balance and steering, the main skills needed to hop on a pedal bike and go!  

Pedal bikes are very heavy, but these balance bikes by Tykes Bykes, Glide Bikes and Strider Sports are light weight, with low starting seat range which make it easy for kids to get over their initial hesitations!   Your child will be rolling around in no time and usually within days to weeks are ready to give their pedal bike a try!

Below you will find:

  • 2014 16" TykesBykes
  • 2014 Strider 16
  • 2014 Go Glider with Air Tires
  • NEW!  14"  Scoot XL by Ridgeback UK for kids 4 - 8!